Bua's Group - Son La, Vietnam

Bua was born in 1992, and lives in the Son La Province of Vietnam with her husband and two daughters. Her main source of income is from her farm, on which she currently grows coffee as well as breeding livestock.

Bua requested a no interest loan to buy fertiliser for her coffee plantation. She hopes that using fertiliser will lead to an increase in her crop's yield, with the increased income helping her to improve her family’s living conditions.

We were able to support Bua by contributing to her loan request through Kiva. The loan meant she could purchase the fertilisers she required to use on her coffee plantations.

Bua has recently begun making repayments on her loan. These repayments have allowed us to contribute to the ambitions of other coffee growers and their families.

With every cup of Renegade Roasters’ coffee, you're helping support the lives and dreams of farmers just like Bua. Read more about how we use Kiva here: https://bit.ly/2qoRHBj