Deborah - Kamwenge, Uganda

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Deborah is 37 years old and lives on her farm in Kemwenge, Uganda. She is a single mother to five children, and in addition to farming she works as a Teacher at the District’s Local Government.

Deborah has requested a loan through Kiva to help her pay workers to help her harvesting her crops. She will also use some money to purchase manure to use as a fertiliser.

She hopes that the loan will help her business grow into one of the area's larger farms. She believes this will help mitigate her concerns about unpredictable weather and fluctuations in coffee prices affecting her income.

We were able to contribute to Deborah’s dream by supporting her through Kiva. Thanks to our coffee drinkers like Tim from Upper Mount Gravatt for making it possible! Your continued support is truly appreciated.

Drinking Renegade Roasters’ coffee helps support coffee growers and their families to improve their quality of life with every cup. Help us share the good coffee!

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