Francy Laura - San Rafael, Colombia

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Francy is a agricultural producer who is dedicated to cultivating coffee. She is happily married, and lives on her farm near the Colombian town of San Rafael. She began farming due to her passion and love for the countryside, and learned her skills from her parents. Francy now operates and manages her farm independently.

Francy has requested a low interest loan to purchase manure, fertilisers, and additional plants to add to her current crop. She hopes that this will help her increase her yield, and generate more sales during the next growing season.

Thanks to our coffee drinkers like Hayley from Morningside, we were able to support Francy by contributing to her through Kiva. We'll post some more about how Kiva works and why we use it in the coming weeks.

With every cup of Renegade Roasters’ coffee, you are able to help support the dreams of farmers and their families worldwide.

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