Karaveri - Kamwenge, Uganda

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Karaveri is 53 years old, and has 10 school aged children. He lives and farms in the Kamwenge district in western Uganda.

His main income is from coffee farming. However he also grows corn and raises cattle in order to get the extra income he needs to meet his family needs. He aims to be a model farmer in his area in spite of challenges caused by pests and disease.

Karaveri has requested a loan through Kiva to help him pay workers to control weeds within his coffee plantations. He hopes that this work will help his coffee crop be more successful.

His dream is to earn enough from his farm to educate all his children to a university level.

Thanks to our coffee drinkers like Jo from Annerley, we were able to help support Karaveri’s loan request through Kiva. With every cup of Renegade Roasters coffee, you’re able to support the dreams of farmers and their families throughout the world.

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