Luis - Liborina, Colombia

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Luis is 53 years old, and has a coffee plantation near the town of Liborina, Colombia. He has worked hard to produce a number of successful crops, which has allowed him to support his family.

However, he has had a number of external factors affect his crops recently, including very wet winter seasons. This has meant his crops have been smaller than usual, and has impacted on his income.

Luis has requested a no interest loan through Kiva in order to buy compost and fertilisers for his coffee crops. He hopes that the addition of compost and fertilisers will help his next crop be more successful, allow him to obtain a better harvest and increase his income.

We were able to support Luis and his family through Kiva thanks to our coffee drinkers like Adam from Carina. By drinking Renegade Roasters coffee, it helps support coffee growers and their families throughout the coffee belt.