Peninah - Kerugoya, Kenya

Peninah is a hardworking mother from the remote village of Kerugoya in Kenya. She was not able to complete a formal education growing up, but she still enjoys growing coffee and raising livestock for a living. The income generated from her farm has been used to give her children a high – quality education and good start to life.

While she works very hard to improve her family’s living conditions, she dreams of being able to make enough income from her farm to support her family independently. Peninah has requested a loan to help purchase fertilisers for her coffee crop. She hopes that this will increase her yields, and help her achieve her dream.

Thanks to our coffee drinkers like Andrew from Goodna, we were able to help support Peninah and her family by contributing to her through Kiva.

By drinking Renegade Roasters coffee, you’re able to make a meaningful difference to support, educate and provide improved living conditions to coffee growers and their families.

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