Why we use Kiva

At our core, we believe in a sustainable world for everyone.

To play our part in achieving this, we use Kiva loans to come together with like minded people and businesses to make a difference for people who can't live without coffee.

Kiva logo

Kiva is an international non - profit who has a presence in 81 countries world wide, including countries in key coffee growing regions such as Uganda, Colombia and Guatemala. Kiva aims to help people that are looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities by linking lenders to organisations in local communities.

Lenders like us do not stand to make any financial profit from the loans we give. Instead, we see Kiva's system of loans as an extremely sustainable and dignified way to help change people's lives. When we receive a repayment, we are able to instantly re - deposit that money, contributing to another person's dreams and ambitions. This is what sets a Kiva loan apart from a one - off donation of money. Every dollar is able to go further, and has the potential to impact multiple lives, families and communities.

From our very first sale, we have committed to contributing $1 from every kilogram of coffee we sell to our Kiva account. We use 100% of this money to help coffee growers implement more sustainable and robust farming practices, increase their crop's output and support their families. We reinvest every cent paid back to us to do the same.

With every cup of Renegade Roasters' coffee, you are contributing to coffee growers and their families. You are helping growers realise their dream for a better life. We hope that drinking that daily cup feels pretty good.

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If supporting people through Kiva sounds like something you might like to do, you can join by following this link: