Peru Café Femenino

Peru Café Femenino


Café Femenino was founded in 2004 and aims to help women overcome poverty in areas where they typically had little decision making power or financial control.  Cooperatives that are a part of Café Femenino must provide their women farmers with a range of political and economic benefits, including right to the land on which they farm and direct payment for their coffee.


This coffee was grown by 217 women producers that are a part of the ‘Andinos Sierra Verde’ in the Departments of Amazomas and Cajamarca, Peru.  They aim to improve the productivity of their farms and the quality of the coffee they produce.  As a reuslt, they have been able to obtain Fair Trade and Organic certification for this coffee.


The women in ‘Andinos Sierra Verde’ are also involved in conservation activities in the Cutervo National Park, which is located near to many of the farms.


The Peru Café Femenino is roasted to be rich and full bodied, with notes of milk chocolate and a sweet red apple finish that can be enjoyed both black and with milk.



Rich, Milk Chocolate, Sweet Red Apple finish



Espresso, AeroPress, Filter, Plunger, Stovetop, Cold Brew

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